Tristan Capital

Strategy | Campaign | Advertising
Tristan Capital Partners is an independent real estate investment management boutique. With over 18 years experience it is regarded as one of the top leaders in the European marketplace. The brief was to create an engaging advertising campaign that demonstrates their sub-conscious excellence combined with their skill, passion and ability to see what others can not. The initial campaign aimed to define their investment philosophy, expressing what ‘it’ is that makes them the best. A typographic campaign was created to highlight what ‘it’ is – ’it’ defines the brand proposition of Real Estate of Mind clearly and succinctly. The following campaign was more benefit driven with the concept around ‘the master plan’ – a proven approach that makes them different. Rollout ran over consecutive months with strong, confident, effective typographic campaigns that increased interest in funds and general awareness of the business. Designed as part of the team at Dusted.

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