Ciara O'Neill

Identity | Art direction | Website | Brochure | Exhibition
Driven by her passion for material innovation and organic structure Ciara O’Neill makes exquisite sculptural lighting that celebrates the subtle interplay between light and shade. Her dedicated passion and pioneering craftsmanship informed the visual language. I took inspiration from the beautiful sculptural light forms and the distinctive fabric colour finishes. I designed a bespoke logotype and created a graphic pattern from the interesting shapes of the light plan drawings. Product imagery is kept simple, celebrating the sculptural beauty of her work with a clean visual style, placing the lights front and centre. I also incorporated behind the scenes, workshop imagery to showcase the handcrafted nature of each light and the pioneering manufacturing process. The scope of work included branding and logo design, a beautiful print and digital brochure, creative direction of a new collection of photography, a fully responsive website and social media assets.

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