ROLE: Branding | UI/UX | Information Design | Reporting | Art Direction
A rebrand for HICL Infrastructure Company Ltd. who invest in real assets, mainly in the public sector, that provide essential services and support for the community. The challenge was to design a clean, benefit-driven website and create a more engaging user experience for its global investors and stakeholders. With so many global assets in various industry sectors, it was essential to create a clear and simple user-friendly design and make it easy for the client to update. Their unique investment approach is encapsulated in the brand proposition of ‘Delivering Real Value’. I introduced a more visually engaging image style by using dynamic angles and wide perspective shots of their portfolio assets. I also redesigned the Annual Report, using imaginative infographics, charts and iconography to bring complex data and case studies to life. The website won Best Website for it's intuitive, modern, user-friendly design at the 2017 AIC Shareholder Communication Awards. Designed at Dusted.

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